As a Florida resident, you know how precious your home power is. With all of the extreme weather conditions that come with living near the coast, power outages are incredibly common. It pays to invest in a generator to help you through those tough times, but what kind should you get? Suncoast Power Solutions is here to tell you why residential standby generators are the way to go.


What Is a Residential Standby Generator?


Imagine an AC unit, but for power. Residential standby generators are permanently installed right outside of your home and they activate automatically within seconds every time your power goes out. Because it works as soon as it detects an outage, your home can continue to function even when you’re not there to tend to things yourself so you don’t have to worry about food spoiling in the fridge. Standby generators are designed to keep your electricity going throughout the entirety of the outage to keep you safe and comfortable.


Residential Standby Generator vs Portable Generator



The most convenient feature in residential standby generators is that they turn on automatically so you don’t need to worry about taking action yourself when disaster strikes. Portable generators, on the other hand, need to be hauled out of storage and connected manually every time it is needed. This can be a very stressful task when fast winds and pouring rain are waiting to greet you outside, not to mention very dangerous.



While standby generators come with their own covering for weather protection, you’ll need to fend for yourself with portable generators. Having to provide your own covering for a portable generator will only cause you to stay outside in extreme weather much longer than you would feel comfortable with. Imagine trying to set up a tarp while it’s constantly trying to catch a ride in the wind.



Another major benefit to standby generators is that they last much longer on the fuel types that they use. A propane tank can last anywhere from days to weeks, and a natural gas source can keep it running practically indefinitely. Meanwhile, portable generators run on up to 20 gallons of gasoline every day, requiring you to refill the tank pretty frequently. This is where long-term costs come in. While standby generators will need minimal to zero refueling, portable generators will eat away at your wallet the longer you use them.



The one benefit you will hear about portable generators is that the immediate cost is cheaper. However, if you consider the amount of gas it takes to run the thing, you would be saving a lot more in the long run by going with the more sustainable option. Plus, the sheer amount of convenience you’ll experience with a standby generator is well worth the price.


Where to Get a Residential Standby Generator


Residential standby generators are no doubt the best option, especially if you live in an area prone to frequent outages. So where can you get one? Call Suncoast Power Solutions today at (813) 829-0037 to receive an estimate on your unit. Our professionals will do all of the work for you so you can rest easy even during harsh times.